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Baby Gift Guide: Spark + Spark Personalized Plate + Sippy Cup!

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Welcome to This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide!

Are you a Mom-t0-Be or New Mom? Or maybe even someone looking for a perfect gift for the Mom-to-Be? This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide will feature products from the best baby brands out there in the form of reviews and sometimes giveaways. We are expecting our first little boy in October, 2014 so the search for great baby products is in full swing– those with great reviews are always at the forefront of our minds. Therefore, I plan to provide you with a review of some specific products from amazing baby brands.

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I LOVE personalized items, you can ask my husband! Growing up I was the only Olivia in my class (sometimes even in my school) so when my Mom would find something personalized in the store, she would get it for me– it could be a pen, notepad, Christmas ornament or whatever but I would get it. When I started dating Garrett, the same thing is true for his name. It isn’t very popular, even as we’ve grown up. Whenever I went somewhere and found both of our names, I grabbed it right up. Sometimes I would find a spot for my name but the products would be sold out…. other times I would see a spot for Garrett’s name but with a different spelling. Now with Liam on the way, I’m trying to get personalized products for him– although his name is much more popular than mine and Garrett’s ever was so I am not having that tough of a time. My focus has been on getting unique personalized products. You’ve seen some features in the Baby Gift Guide with products that are personalized for our son, yay! 

spark & spark

Embracing life’s moments… all year long!

At Spark & Spark, we know how important it is to share and celebrate the special moments of life in a unique and truly personalized way. That’s why we offer a wide selection of stock and custom paper products, from individual greeting cards, religious invitations, holiday cards, to thank you notes. No matter what the occasion is, Spark & Spark will make you shine with stylish and modern stationery.

And for that one-of-a-kind present you’d love to give your little one, best friend, or family… we have an exclusive array of personalized gifts for kids and grown-ups, designed with fun, colorful patterns and illustrations. From tech accessories such as cellphone casesiPad coversmousepads, to sippy cupsplatesplacematspuzzles,lunchboxes and notebooks. We are sure you will find a product for everyone in your list.

We chose the plate and sippy cup personalized with Liam’s name on it when we were given the opportunity to review some products. Garrett was a soccer player pretty much from when he could walk all the way through college, so the soccer theme was a given! The plates are not only personalized but they’re made out of melamine which add a fun and unique item to your kid’s dishware collection. The plate is 10″ round and is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe…. keep that in mind. The sippy cup is the same personalized design and offers  a spill proof design (a key part of an effective sippy cup). The cup is made with non-toxic material, is BPA free and offers a twist open top which snaps shut to avoid leaks.  

These two cute products will be a great addition to Liam’s collection of personalized items! 

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Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.