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40 Things to Do in Spring: Your Spring Bucket List

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Spring is a wonderful time. The gray, cold days of winter are over, flowers are blooming, and the world looks alive again! It’d be terrible to waste such a lovely time sitting around doing what you always do. To help you make the most of springtime this year, take a look at these 40 Things to Do in Spring: Your Spring Bucket List!

40 Things to Do in Spring: Your Spring Bucket List

40 Things to Do in Spring: Your Spring Bucket List

There are so many fun things to do in spring! You can essentially do all the things you would do during the summer, but enjoy them a bit more because the weather is milder. Of course you have to watch out for spring showers, but those can be made into fun moments, too!

And you don’t have to spend money to find worthwhile things to do in spring. A lot of the things on this list don’t cost anything! So not only do you get to have fun and enjoy the spring weather, but you also don’t have to worry about your budget!

Remember, springtime fun isn’t just for kids! While kids will enjoy the majority of the things on this list, teens and adults will also have fun with many of these things to do in spring!

1. Plant Flowers- Make your yard pretty!

2. Plant Fruits and/or Vegetables- Grow your favorites!

3. Play Softball- Fun for the whole family, and good exercise!

4. Play Tennis- A good activity for smaller groups!

5. Play Volleyball- Play on the beach!

6. Play Soccer- A short game is great exercise!

7. Visit a Petting Zoo- Meet some animals!

8. Visit a Farm- See how a plant-based or animal-based farm operates!

9. Go Strawberry Picking- Pick your own delicious ripe strawberries!

10. Go to an Amusement Park- Fun for kids and adults!

11. Go to the Beach- Relax in the sun or play in the sand!

12. Go Horseback Riding- Get a new view of the world from atop a horse!

13. Go on a Camping Trip- Spend a night under the stars!

14. Go Biking- See your town or a local trail in a different way!

15. Go Hiking- Explore the great outdoors!

16. Go Fishing- Spend a day by the lake or river. Catch-and-release counts!

17. Go Boating- Get on the water in a sailboat, rowboat, or kayak!

18. Go Swimming- Visit your local pool, or put one up in your backyard!

19. Go Jogging- Breathe in the fresh spring air while exercising!

20. Go Golfing- Spend a day on the green!

21. See a Movie- Whether its blockbusters or indie films, seeing a movie is always fun!

22. See a Concert- Watch your favorite band, or discover a new favorite!

23. See a Play- Amateur or professional, watching plays is a great way to spend a spring evening!

24. See a Sports Game- You don’t need to participate to enjoy a sport!

25. Visit the Museum- Expand your mind, and have a pleasant time!

26. Picnic- Enjoy the fresh spring grass and lay out a picnic blanket!

27. Have a Barbecue- Cooking outdoors is always a nice change from the oven and stove!

28. Pick Flowers- Make a pretty bouquet, or a flower crown!

29. Eat Outside at a Restaurant- Why sit inside to eat on a lovely spring day?

30. Bake Desserts with Seasonal Fruits- Everyone loves a yummy seasonal dessert!

31. Spring Clean- If you can turn spring cleaning into a game, everyone will have a lot more fun!

32. Wash Your Car- Rinse off that spring pollen and make your car shine!

33. Have a Garage Sale- Garage sales are much more pleasant in lovely spring weather!

34. Play in the Rain and Mud- It doesn’t hurt to get dirty once in a while!

35. Do Spring Crafts- Do some fun spring themed crafts or simple DIYs that you can display in your home!

36. Play with Sidewalk Chalk- Turn your sidewalk into your canvas!

37. Blow Bubbles- Make some pretty bubbles! Edible ones are fun, too!

38. Fly a Kite- Take advantage of that beautiful spring breeze!

39. Play Outside with the Kids and/or Your Pets- Why not take playtime outside!

40. Visit a Farmer’s Market- You can’t find food that’s fresher than what’s available at your local farmer’s market!

What activities do you enjoy in the spring?

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