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How to Start a Successful Blog

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Learn how to start a successful blog

Do you want to know how to start a successful blog? We have some great starting points and tips to make your blog endeavor successful. However, you have to determine first what you feel is a success. In the blogging world, there are many different types of success, and we will help you to not only start out with your blog but also understand what success really is.

How To Start A Successful Blog

Before you get started, you must determine what your want in success. For many people, a successful job means a part-time or even full-time income. For others, they simply want a nice blog with a consistent following of readers and the money doesn’t matter. If money is important to you, then the steps below will be where to begin. If you aren’t as concerned about the monetary end of things, then you can easily skip the ideas about monetizing your blog.

Choose the right domain name. In the blogging world, it really is all about the name. There are two different ways to look at your domain name. The first is to simply use your own name so you have branded it for the future. The second is to make your name something about your niche or blogging choice. If you choose the second, you will likely want to spend some time thinking about what words you want to be included, then use SEO research to find a phrase or phrases that will be searched frequently. Make your domain name short and to the point. Check to make sure the name itself is not being used elsewhere or trademarked. If the domain for the .com isn’t available, move on and find something different. You don’t want to compete with someone who has a similar or same name. You should be able to secure your domain name from GoDaddy for under $5 for 1 year depending on current sales.

Choose a quality blog platform. There are many options out there that are free and give you great options, but at the end of the day if you want to be taken seriously and to have success, 99% of bloggers and professionals will tell you to choose WordPress as your blogging platform. There are two different options. The free “wordpress.com” site doesn’t cost you anything, but also doesn’t allow you to monetize your blog or fully own and control your content. WordPress.org is a free downloadable installation you will then add to a hosting service to use for your website. This is the most reliable and reasonable choice if you want to know how to start a successful blog.

Choose the right blog host. This is a sticky subject for many bloggers. Everyone has a different opinion on who to use. Cost usually plays a big part in your start up choice, but also consider their reputation. Choosing the wrong host can lead to problems transferring things later, and could also lead to your site not being up when your traffic increases for a viral post. Ask other bloggers, or use our preferred host, Peak Source Hosting. They have reasonable rates, great customer service and have been proven to be superior in the business.

Create appropriate social media pages. For most blogs, a Facebook and Twitter profile are mandatory. Adding in Pinterest, Instagram and even Tumblr are optional, but highly recommended for blogs that have a lot of visual content like recipes, crafts or photography. Social media is now one of the most highly effective ways to reach new readers and gain a consistent following.

Create high-quality content and images. At the end of the day, the most important thing that will help you to start a successful blog is high-quality content and images. Writing content that you know and are passionate about is a great place to begin. Make sure your content is formatted nicely, is grammatically correct and has proper SEO for search engines. (SEO is search engine optimization. This comes from using appropriate keywords or phrases that will be searched and picked up by search engines.) Sharp, clear and properly lit images are also very important for sharing on social media.

Network with other bloggers and online professionals. To learn the in’s and outs of the business, it is important to network with other bloggers and online professionals. There are countless blog conferences to meet others and learn more from. Type A Blogger, Bloggy Boot Camp, Niche Parent, BlogHer, Blogging Concentrated and more are popular choices for conferences. There are also tons of Facebook groups dedicated to sharing and learning. A great starting point for new bloggers is to join the Inspired Bloggers Network.

Monetize your blog with popular methods. To make money with your blog you need page views. Once you have people beginning to visit your blog, you want to establish a good stream of consistent content. After 4-6 months of consistent blogging, you can then start applying for ad networks. There are a few ways to monetize, but the first and usually most important are ads placed on your sidebars, within your posts, and around your site. Those will come from places like Adsense, Media.net, and Svorn. Next is affiliate marketing. This can come from linking out to products online you believe in. It can be done through sites like Amazon, Commission Junction, Share A Sale and popular ones for smaller blogs – Skimlinks or Vigilinks. Lastly, you will start seeking sponsored posts or sponsored ads. This is where companies and brands pay you to write about their product, or they pay you to hold a static ad on your site that leads to their product.

 Educate yourself continually on best business practices. One of the best ways for you to know how to start a successful blog is to continue learning. Stay on top of common blogging etiquette, current FDA disclosure requirements, social media methods and more. Today’s success can only continue if you keep learning.

These tips for how to start a successful blog are perfect for you to begin your blog today!

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