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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers!

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers are such fun little people. However, when Christmas rolls around, it can be super hard to know what to put in their stockings. Grown up people are easy, but toddlers require some ideas.

Small Stuffed Animals

Toddlers love stuffed animals. You can find a ton of small stuffed animals to put into Christmas stocking stuffers.

Toothbrush and Kid Friendly Toothpaste

What toddler doesn’t love playing with their toothbrush and toothpaste? Grab a few toothbrushes and tubes of kid friendly toothpaste and let your toddler go to town. Keep an eye on their toothpaste consumption.

Treasures You Find

There is no doubt that toddlers love to carry around little treasures. Whatever you find while you’re out shopping, your toddler is sure to love whatever you find. For example, little cars, bracelets, anything you think your toddler would love.

Toddler Dishes

Eating with a small fork and plate makes toddlers happy. Try finding some cute themed dishes and put them in the stocking stuffer. Your toddler is going to enjoy it!

Finger Puppets

There are tons of finger puppets out on the market these days, get some for your toddler’s stocking.

Musical Instrument

I’m not sure how much you’ll love this as a parent, but the toddlers of the world will. Mini musical instruments are awesome for toddler’s stockings.


Most toddlers love movies. Pick up a few movies for the toddler in your life and it’s going to make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Bath Toys

Looking for something unique to get the toddler in your life? Buy a few bath toys for their stocking.

Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Toddlers reach a stage in life where they love letters and numbers. Magnets are perfect for the fridge and great for a stocking stuffer.


One of the best things you can give to your toddler for a Christmas stocking stuffer is playdough. Don’t forget the little playdough tools and toys to go with it.


As your toddler gets older, they are going to get interested in things like puzzles. Puzzles make an awesome stocking stuffer.

Popcorn and Fruit Snacks

The perfect treat for your toddler’s stocking stuffer is popcorn and fruit snacks. If you want, you can even throw in a few juice boxes.

Stocking stuffers are super fun for toddlers. I say go with it and have fun! Your toddler is going to love whatever you put in their stocking. Their toddlers and all they really want or need is YOU!





Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.