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How to Structure Your Day to Get More Done

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Twenty four hours sounds like a lot of time. However, when you factor in sleep, meal prep times, and doing chores, there really is not a lot of time left for other things. Life is about more than just eating, sleeping, and doing chores.

Bullet Journaling, Decluttering and A Time Management System can also help you get more done in the limited amount of hours we have in the day! 

How to Structure Your Day to Get More Done

Structuring your day a little differently makes it possible to get more done, and still have time for other things that you enjoy. Here are some tips to help you structure your days in order to accomplish more.

Use a Planner to Get More Done

This may sound a little old school, but having a daily planner allows you to jot down everything that you need to get done. By having a list of all of your “to dos” you will be able to prioritize. You can also group tasks together! These things help you to be more efficient throughout your day. Figure out the planner that will work for you!

Some people like to have planners that are bigger, in which they leave at home. Other people love to have pocket sizes planners that they can stick in their bag and take with them places.

Plan For Social Media/Internet Browsing

One thing that really seems to interrupt our days, is the constant need to check social media, and browse the web. If this is something that you just cannot go without, be sure to schedule time to do so in the planner. It is super important to set time limits for this, or you will find what you thought was only going to take five minutes, ended up taking two hours.

Also, be realistic here. If you know you need to check it more than once a day, schedule short time periods during your day, perhaps around lunch and dinner, too. Social media can be a true time sucker, which is why scheduling this time in is so important.

Begin Your Day By Doing Something You Enjoy

Start everyday by doing something for yourself. Go for a jog, read a chapter in your favorite book, or take a nice, long bubble bath. Spending your entire day running around, trying to accomplish things can really be a drag, so by starting out your day with something you enjoy, you will be more motivated afterward.

Plus, it’s always nice to find joy in life! If you spend the whole day doing the “hustle & bustle” thing, life will quickly get old.

Weed Out the Junk

It’s amazing how much time we have when we weed out the junk. You can structure your day and get more done by saying goodbye to the stuff that doesn’t matter. Turn off your phone and get to work. The less time you spend texting or talking to people, the better off you’ll be in the long run and the more you will get done.

Stick to a Schedule

Everyone seems to get more done when they have a schedule. By making sure you have a schedule, you will get more done. For example, knowing you only have an hour to get something done, instead of all day, can really crank up your motivation.


How do you structure your day and get more done?


Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.