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Baby Gift Guide: Swanling Review & Giveaway!

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Welcome to This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide

Are you a Mom-t0-Be or New Mom? Or maybe even someone looking for a perfect gift for the Mom-to-Be? This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide will feature products from the best baby brands out there in the form of reviews and sometimes giveaways. We are expecting our first little boy in October, 2014 so the search for great baby products is in full swing– those with great reviews are always at the forefront of our minds. Therefore, I plan to provide you with a review of some specific products from amazing baby brands.


Our next feature in the Baby Gift Guide is from Swanling! Here is a little about Swanling:

Our story really is one of necessity. We are now parents of three beautiful girls and like all parents we have learned and been guided by them along the way. It all began with our first baby, she just would not sleep in a crib, the only way she would sleep was next to one of us on a bed, which we didn’t feel was safe. Being the new parents that we were we were desperate to find a way of sleeping with our baby near but also secure and safe. We have a history of thinking outside of the box so we approached this challenge in the same way we had many others and started looking at all the different options out there and how just maybe the creative combining of a few good ideas just might give us the great idea we were looking for. We researched patents going back as far as the 1900s and in 2003 the proto types began for our first “sleep sheet.”
Now after 3 kids and 28 prototypes that sleep sheet has become the Slumber Sheet® and has evolved and been developed to meet the stringent requirements of not only discerning parents but more importantly the little ones, our three girls, who have tested the fabrics and designs with us every step of the way. Truly a family venture- or we like to think of it as a family adventure!

This N That with Olivia was given the opportunity to feature three products from Swanling in our Baby Gift Guide. Here is a brief overview of each product:

Slumber Sheet
Slumber Sheet

The Slumber Sheet us the only all-in-one product to offer solutions to the many concerns and needs surrounding infant and toddler sleep that would normally require multiple products. This is a new concept in safe sleeping which provides the following benefits:

– trains and encourages the safe back sleeping position for younger babies.
– once a child is old enough for other sleeping positions the Slumber Sheet allows children free movement to sleep on their tummies, sides and to stand up in bed.
– keeps children in their crib and/or bed
– keeps child safely centered in their crib and/or bed
– less night walking as baby feels secure and comforted all night long
– waterproof mattress protector is built into the sheet

As you are well aware, safe sleeping for infants and toddlers is an important topic these days. The benefits listed above for the Slumber Sheet are definitely those that are helpful in ensuring safe sleeping! A few other things that I learned about this Slumber Sheet is that it keeps your baby covered throughout the night which eliminates the need for loose blankets and that the Slumber Sheet has longevity– it can be used from infancy (with the Slumber Swaddle) through 3 years, when most kids are ready to be transferred to a twin bed. 

Slumber Swaddle

Slumber Swaddle

As a compliment for infants to the Slumber Sheet above, the Slumber Swaddle is for newborns and can be used until your baby has grown out of swaddling (usually around 3 months of age.) Similar to the slumber sheet, the Slumber Swaddle uses the original Snap-in-Place system to attach securely at the waistband of the Slumber Sheet. This ensures that the swaddle will stay in place and helps keep baby comfortably wrapped through the night. The wonderfully soft lightweight bamboo jersey fabric is breathable helping your infant maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Swaddling is an important thing for a newborn– they feel safe and secure! With this Slumber Swaddle compliment to the Slumber Sheet, you can be rest assured that your baby is wrapped comfortably in their crib.  I know that swaddling can be a challenge, which is why the Slumber Swaddle’s easy wrap and tie design takes that guesswork and frustration out of swaddling. Your infant will be safe and secure in this swaddle! “A new study in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood warns against swaddling the wrong way, because it can cause hip displaysia.” The Slumber Swaddle will ensure that you swaddle correctly every time, with their easy to use system.

Slumber Silkie

Slumber Silkie

Did you have a security blanket as a child? The Slumber Silkie is the most unique security blanket ever that will be the blanket your baby will always want! 

This is also a compliment to the Slumber Sheet and featured the Snap in Place system! You simply attach the blanket securely at the waist of the Slumber Sheet vest and then the blanket is kept safely away from baby’s face while sleeping. Baby will sleep safe and sound through the night with the Slumber Silkie always within reach and not tossed on to the floor in the middle of the night.

As a kid I did have a security blanket but not for very long… but what I do remember is that the blanket went with me wherever I went and it was a headache for my Mom to get it from me to wash it! 🙂 I think that the Slumber Silkie (which is REALLY soft) will be a great addition to our little Liam’s crib! 

All three of the products from Swanling are great, and I am excited to feature them in our Baby Gift Guide. They are all connected in some way– where the Slumber Sheet is the base and then the other 2 are additions! Our little Liam is going to be so spoiled with these amazing products. 

I am excited to offer one This N That with Olivia reader a Slumber Sheet, Slumber Swaddle and Slumber Silkie of their own! Simply use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win! 


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Monday 7th of July 2014

These look so great! I've always loved swaddling blankets.

Heather Hayes Panjon

Thursday 3rd of July 2014

I'm Impressed With The Snap-in-Place System For Easy Secure Fit!

Amber Brown Whitehead

Tuesday 1st of July 2014

I love that it can be used as your child grows.


Saturday 28th of June 2014

great baby product!

Dana West Young

Saturday 28th of June 2014

I love that it can be used for quite some time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.