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Berry Nut Butter Smoothie! #LaraNutButter #LaraBar @Costco

As a busy Mom, I snack a lot! I find myself grabbing for something convenient and that doesn’t always mean that it is the best choice of items. I love snacks, that’s pretty much it. A new product from an amazing company is hitting shelves at your local Cotsco from Larabar. They are introducing two …

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Spring Crackled Cookies #12daysof Easter Crafts & Recipes

Day 11 #12DaysOf EASTER Recipes Spring Crackled Cookies Spring is a great time to share your cooking with a lot of people. We invite them home, we meet them for brunch and lunches, we spend more time outside and enjoying food together. These Spring Crackled Cookies Recipe would be a beautiful gift for a teacher, …

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Playing with Peeps #12daysof Easter Ideas

Welcome to day 8 of 12 Days of Easter Recipes & Crafts! Today’s post comes from Mom Does Reviews.  Victoria and her family are HUGE fans of PEEPS® who believe that there is nothing more fun then playing with your PEEPS®!  Visit Mom Does Reviews to see how, and why, her PEEPS® are the King …

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