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Team Zenko Go – Virtual Press Junket

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Team Zenko Go is now streaming on Netflix! To celebrate this new series, I was invited to participate in a Virtual Press Junket.

About Team Zenko Go

Niah, Ari, Ellie and Jax are members of Team Zenko Go, a secret squad of stealthy do-gooders who harness the art of distraction to perform anonymous acts of kindness for the unknowing residents of Harmony Harbor. These four kids have been taught by their mentor, Auntie Yuki, a special set of skills that allow them to do good deeds (or Zenkos) for others, making their town the happiest in the world. Like Auntie Yuki says “when we help people without them knowing, they start to think that the world is just a nicer place.” 

Virtual Press Day for Team Zenko Go

I was given the opportunity to sit down with young voice talent Nakai Takawira and Hartley Bernier, and Executive Producer Jack Thomas to chat about Team Zenko Go! Check out this exclusive press junket below:

My Thoughts about Team Zenko Go

Team Zenko Go is a wonderful series!! The acting is phenomenal, these kids are SOOO very talented. After chatting with the young actors and the producer, I truly see a dedication to being kind and working together. There are so many ways in which both Nakai and Hartley relate to their characters which makes is ALL the more better when you watch the show.

Heartwarming, fun, enjoyable, etc. Those are all words that I’d use to describe this new series. Check it out with your kids!!


  • Niah (Nakai Takawira): Niah knows just about everything. Well, to be more precise she knows a little bit about a lot of things. And if she hasn’t experienced something first-hand, or earned a merit badge for it, she’s probably read a book about it or seen a video online. Niah is a great source of information and weird expertise for the team. She’s especially good at any specialized physical part of their mission because she has taken classes in just about everything. Niah was chosen because of her thirst for knowledge, but being on the team may just help her become more focused.
Nakai Takawira
  • Ari (Hartley Bernier): Ari is a comic book buff and the most fearless member of Team Zenko Go!. Being on the team allows him to live his dream of being a real life comic book superhero. He loves comics and knows everything about them (his mom, Kat, owns a comic store). Ari is bold, brave and a genius who can make just about any gadget the team needs with his fancy high tech 3-D printer or in a pinch with regular household items. Ari uses a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop his heroics or him keeping up with the others. As the gadget maker for the team, Ari outfits his wheelchair and the other kids with tools and gadgets for each mission. Before being on theteam, Ari has been a bit of a loner and needs to learn how his actions affect others (both positively and negatively), which he will gradually learn as a new teammate on Team Zenko Go!.
Hartley Bernier

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.