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How Telemedicine Can Benefit You!

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What happens when you fall ill and you’re away from home or when your doctor cannot get you in. To help avoid that, there is a new technology called telemedicine which is a virtual doctor! With LiveHealth Online you can access a doctor 24/7 for simple ailments. However, if you’re experiencing a true medical emergency, you should call 911. I find telemedicine helpful when you know the urgent care center is crowded or when your primary care cannot get you in, or when you’re traveling away from home. There are so many ways that telemedicine can benefit you! 

As a busy Mom, I know how hard it is to get an appointment at the doctor for myself, my husband or my son. I love that telemedicine is there for us when we need it. There are a variety of times that I could’ve used telemedicine on our previous trips. Yes, it does stink to be sick on vacation, but what stinks even more is having to go sit in an urgent care center for who knows how long. 

How Telemedicine Can Help You | ThisNThatwithOlivia.com


  • More than half of all United States hospitals now use some form of telemedicine, according to the American Telemedicine Association
  • Among a survey of EmpowerHER readers 64% of moms said that having on demand health care is more important to them than video streaming or grocery delivery
  • Over 82% of Moms say they are the most “health-tech” savvy in their family
  • In 2011, the Veterans Health Administration provided over 300,000 remote consultations viatelemedicine. Considering that hospitals work constantly to reduce patient exposure to such pathogens as MRSA, avoiding unnecessary in-person visits can cut down on the transmission of new illnesses

What about Insurance??

Thirty states and the District of Columbia require private insurers to cover telemedicine the same as traditional in-person services, according to the American Telemedicine Association. Contact your benefits manager to find out if your health plan covers telemedicine. You can also log-in to LiveHealth Online and see if your insurance is listed.

What Are My Telemedicine Options?

There are several telemedicine options on the market to choose from. I’ve recently signed up for LiveHealth Online. This service allows you to have face-to-face conversations with a board-certified doctor of your choice at any time at any place!! This makes is very convenient. There is no waiting at the urgent care center on vacation or on the weekend or a late night in the ER for a common ailment. LiveHealth Online may even cost close to what you would pay at the Urgent Care. 

How Telemedicine Can Help You | ThisNThatwithOlivia.com

To use LiveHealth Online, simply sign up and enter your insurance information in case it is a covered benefit. The cost of an online doctor visit is typically $49 if you do not have insurance or the service isn’t covered by your insurance. 

Once you’re logged in and have filled out your basic information, you will see a list of doctors and then you can choose the best to fit your needs. These doctors can help with a variety of ailments including colds, allergies, rashes, flu, diarrhea, sinus infections, pink eye and urinary tract infections.

You can learn more about telemedicine here. and then determine if it would be a good fit for you or someone you know! 

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Stephanie Hebert

Monday 17th of October 2016

Perfect for simple issues!

Sarah Muennix

Monday 17th of October 2016

This sounds like a great service for when you don't have time to get to your normal doctor during the week - especially when you suffer from seasonal respiratory issues like my family does at the same time each year!

Reesa Lewandowski

Saturday 15th of October 2016

I really need to check this out! It can be really hard to get to the Dr at times!

Amanda Goodenough

Friday 14th of October 2016

This is so interesting! I have a chronic health condition and am sick all the time. I often find myself wishing my doctors were more available! This is perfect!

Hali @daytodayMOMents

Friday 14th of October 2016

I've been seeing these kind of services allot lately. I have to take a look at this, this is really life changing.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.