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Keep Kids + Pets Safe with The Stair Barrier! @stairbarrier

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Liam is on the move — he went from being super cautious about everything to walking and climbing on everything! It is exciting and scary all at the same time. We’ve had baby gates around the house but most of them were used for the dogs as we were training them or to keep them out of certain areas when we weren’t home. Now that Liam is mobile we need something that will keep him safe from the stairs and other areas that are dangerous. It gets tiring to move the baby gates around constantly inside and outside.

The Stair Barrier

The Stair Barrier is a great way to keep your kids and pets safe from the dangers of stairs while still keeping your home stylish and not toting those baby gates around.

The Stair Barrier is an entirely new brand of safety gate designed specifically for the bottom of stairs for use with banisters. It is designed to keep children off the stairs and pets contained to one level of the home. The Stair Barrier offers parents (of children and pets) a safe, customized, and attractive solution. Our goal is to provide a safe solution people need and want! And to offer a safety gate that does not detract from the décor of a home.

We received a stair barrier to use in our home and I know my husband and I were definitely more excited to have it than Liam and the dogs were. However, we knew it was necessary for the safety of our home. One of the definite bonuses is that the one that we have can be used indoors and outdoors. We have a three level deck and although it is pretty, we need safety for our little guy while we are out there as a family. We chose the Banister to Banister Indoor and Outdoor Stair Barrier for our home. This one is designed to be at the bottom of the stairs and our primary location for use is outdoors on the deck stairs.

The Stair Barrier

The Stair Barrier keeps our dogs off the deck so that we can enjoy it as a family in the yard! Since it is at the bottom of the stairs, we use it primarily to keep the dogs from coming on the deck when we have friends and family over to visit (our dogs are young black labs that are hyper as can be). However, if we are playing in the yard as a family we don’t want Liam climbing the stairs alone. For the inside of the home, I really want to get one that will work at the top of our stairs which is banister to wall. We are frequently up there and thankfully we do have a door at the top of the stairs that we can close, but it is still scary. The Stair Barrier has a ton of different options including banister to wall and different sizes to suit your needs. Are you unsure of what size you need, you can reach out to Customer Service and they would be happy to help.


  • By far the most attractive gate on the market–complements the home rather than detracts. (Most stairs are off the foyer/front door).
  • The Stair Barrier welcomes guests in style and offers various fabric/color options.
  • The only gate designed specifically for the bottom of the stairs.
  • The only gate designed specifically for use with banisters.
  • Works with volute/curved banisters, column banisters, round, square, etc…
  • Ability to angle mount.
  • Unlike most gates, The Stair Barrier does not require a perfectly flat surface to attach.
  • Does not require drilling into banisters or the purchase of additional mounting or extension kits. (All Wall to Banister Stair Barriers are sold with an installation kit…if you require additional spacers we will send them to you at no additional cost).
  • Ability to easily roll to the side; one of the best features (similar to a retractable gate) is that it rolls to the side and out of the way when you don’t need it.
  • Easy installation, easy to stow.
  • Banister-to-Banister is not permanent–it’s easy to travel with (lightweight- 6 lbs) and there is the option to purchase a travel bag.
  • Option to choose a fabric that matches your home.
  • The Stair Barrier Indoor-Outdoor is made with weather and mildew resistant fabric to easily gate off an outdoor deck or front porch.
  • Option to personalize certain Stair Barrier Products.
  • Custom Order department will work to design a Stair Barrier to fit your unique and hard to gate width.
  • Most gate injuries are caused by the weight of the gate falling on children. With the Stair Barrier, there are no bars or top rail for children to leverage their weight. It is far more difficult to climb. There are vertical plastic struts that are built internally into the structure to keep children from lifting or pulling down.
  • Proudly made in America with American made materials.
  • The majority of our fabrics are weaved with Repreve (recycled water bottles).
  • Our Customer Service team is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience

We love our Stair Barrier and know that we will get a ton of use out of it! I can’t wait to order more! They are very well made (in the US) and would even make great gifts!

Thank You For Sharing!!

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