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Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Talk

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Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Talk

Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Talk

We have all heard that children grow at different rates. However waiting to hear those first words that come out of your toddler’s mouth can seem like forever. While your children will start speaking when they are ready, there are ways to encourage your toddler to start talking. Here are a few tips to remember, as you wait to hear your child verbally express themselves.

Speak Slowly, and Clearly

When you speak to your toddler it is important to speak slowly, and clearly. Doing so will allow your child to hear each syllable of the words, and learn the sounds. Also, keep your thoughts simple. Do not ask too many questions at once, to allow them time to process what you are saying, and also to be able to answer with simple words.

Refrain From Repeating Noises, and Giving In

When your toddler wants something, they will most likely just point to the item, possibly make some sort of noise. They will keep grunting until you hand it to them. Instead of just handing the item over, be sure to tell your toddler the name of what they are asking for. So, the next time your little one continuously points to a banana, when they want it, say the word, “banana,” and ask them to repeat it to you as you hand it over.

Read to Your Toddler

Reading to your toddler introduces new words. The more you read to them, the larger their vocabulary will get. While it may take some time for your toddler to understand the words, hearing them often will help expand their knowledge. Reading out loud is a great gift to your child, especially when it comes down to teaching your toddler to talk.

Talk About Everything

Talk about everything throughout your day. Describe even the most simple things during your day, from the color, and type of clothing you have picked out to wear, to the food and drinks you are consuming. You can even talk about where you are going when you run errands, and why you are doing it. This should encourage your toddler to do the same, as they learn new sounds and words. Soon enough, your toddler will be talking your head off.

Teaching your toddler to talk sometimes takes a while and sometimes it takes no time at all. Practice patience with your toddler. They will start saying basic sounds and then move onto saying one or two words. And then eventually they will stay saying 3-4 word sentences. Watching a toddler learn to talk is pretty amazing.

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Thank You For Sharing!!

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How to Feed a Love for Reading in Your Child #Reading #Kids

Saturday 15th of January 2022

[…] Tips for Teaching Your Toddler to Talk […]


Sunday 20th of May 2018

It's amazing how some pick it up fast! playing audios of different languages help, I hear


Tuesday 8th of May 2018

My 2 year old understands everything but still barely says two word phrases. I know he talks more at daycare because of the other kids. Its so funny to have her tell me what he says because he doesnt say things like it at home! He’s learning more words every day but man i cant wait until he speaks sentences.

Peggy Nunn

Saturday 10th of March 2018

My son was a late talker but he started in complete sentences. He understood it, it just had to be on his terms and his timeline. All kids are different.

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