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6 Apps to Download Before Your Next Vacation         

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Remember road trips once upon a time, when parents would load up the Atlas, maps, books, small games, travel guides, and all sorts of other stuff in preparation of the trip? These days, smart phones allow us to travel lighter. Thanks to all of the various travel apps out there, it is possible to stay more organized and even entertained at the push of a button. Check out these 6 apps to download before your next vacation, and see how you are just an app away from a smooth trip!

1. AutoSlash
If you need a rental car on your journey, AutoSlash will help you find the best deal. Just put in what specifics you’re looking for, and AutoSlash will help match you to a car. You can also find rental specials, sales, and coupon codes via this app.

2. Hopper.
Are you looking for a cheap flight? Hopper will send you push notifications so you can find the best flights at a great price. With Hopper, hopping on a plane for cheap price is a cinch. Enter your flying preferences and Hopper does the rest.

3. Hotel Tonight.
Do you thrive on booking last minute deals? Should you find yourself without a hotel reservation, Hotel Tonight finds the best deals on last minute reservations. You can score even 4 star hotels for a 2 star price. If you aren’t one to make reservations far in advance but rather road trip and find hotels as you go, Hotel Tonight is perfect.

4. Expensify.
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Expensify will help keep all of your expenses organized. This is a great app for tracking your spending so you can later use the data for book keeping and budgeting. With Expensify you don’t have to worry about stuffing a bunch of receipts into your purse or writing down and numbers.

5. Uber/Lyft.
Both of these apps allow you to hire transportation to the airport, dinner, shopping, shows, or anywhere else you need to go. When traveling to a big city or unknown destination, it is cheaper to use the Uber or Lyft app to call for a ride. Within minutes, a driver will be there to pick you up with a clean and well maintained car, ready to get you safely to your destination.

6. Citymapper.
Citymapper is one of the most popular travel apps for 2018! Use this app to help you navigate the city, find rides, find things to do, and get general information about the local. This eays to navigate app can make any city feel easy to navigate!

Are you ready to enjoy your vacation? Be more organized, budget conscious, and even entertained by giving these must try travel apps a try! You can find these apps in the app store, they take just minutes to load, and in time you will be ready to get traveling.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.