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Water Purifier Shower Head Review! #SmartShowerFilter

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Do you have issues with dry skin? If so, it could be caused by the hard tap water in your shower. I, personally, suffer with dry skin all year long so I am always hunting for solutions. I also love to take hot showers and I know that is no help to my dry skin or hair…. but I do it anyways. This winter I’ve been trying to slowly cut back on the temperature of my showers in hopes that I can save my hair and skin. I also have been looking into reasons why this is happening even more since we moved into our new home this past summer. It could come down to my shower – the hard tap water drying my skin and hair out!


The SmartShowerFilter protects your health by removing chlorine and other harmful elements from your shower water . These chemicals are more toxic in your shower than in your drinking water — can you believe it?

We were sent one to try out in our shower and I couldn’t wait for my husband to install it. The installation was easy as we already had a shower head there and the shower head looks pretty in our newly tiled shower. After reading the features I was excited to try out the refreshing waterfall setting as it says that I could rejuvenate my body. Also, since I suffer with migraines I liked the relaxing massage for those nightly showers and relaxation needed to rest.

I am the Mom to a busy little boy – Liam – and he sure keeps me on my toes. Spending time in the shower is few and far between so I try my hardest to make them relaxing. The SmartShowerFilter helps me do so by offering three settings for all levels of comfort and relaxation.

Here are some of the awesome features of this shower head:

The SmartShowerFilter renders the chlorine in your shower water harmless using energizing minerals called Tourmaline and Germanium filled with negative ions, and far infrared radiation. In short, IT REMOVES THE BAD AND KEEPS THE GOOD!

The shower head boasts a 3 level shower pressure:

– HIGH PRESSURE JET level for those quick morning “late for work” showers

– REFRESHING WATERFALL level to rejuvenate your body

– RELAXING MASSAGE level to soothe your body just before bed

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.