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What is a Blog?

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Many people may be asking, What Is A Blog? As a blogger, it’s easy for me to know, but others may not understand what a blog really is all about. Very simply, a blog is a website where someone shares articles and posts about the things that they care about. Most of your online magazines, favorite websites and even brands have blogs with daily, weekly or monthly updates, but let’s look a bit deeper at what a blog could be to you.

What Is A Blog?

Websters Dictionary says a blog is, “A regularly updated website or web page that is usually run by an individual or small group. A blog is most often written in a conversational and personal style.”

A place for information to better your life. Many blogs include information and help or tips that will improve your life and well-being. This includes information about health issues, how to lose weight or even how to cope with depression or grief. There are even informative blogs about job skills and education.

A place for sharing personal experiences. Many individuals create a blog to journal about their life, children, and experiences. These are often referred to as “Mommy Blogs”, but there are many types of online journal blogs. Some individuals share about their health journeys, journeys to conceive or even their journey through school or as a homeschooling parent.

A place to find crafts or projects to do with kids. There are many blogs that are focused mostly on craft projects, kids activities or kids education helps. Homeschooling blogs, activity blogs, and craft blogs are a lot of fun to read and find fun things to do.

A place to find great recipes. Food bloggers are a whole other type of blog focused totally on bringing you amazing recipes. There are dessert bloggers, family-friendly bloggers, budget friendly and even gourmet. These blog niches are fun, often very successful and a great way to really focus on your passions.

A place to read reviews of products you may want to buy. There are tons of review bloggers out there that spend countless hours testing products they have purchased, as well as product companies, have sent them. Honest bloggers will give you the good and bad of a product. There are review blogs for everything you can think of including tech products, toys, cosmetics, and food.

A place to read and talk to others about current affairs. There are many magazines, think tanks and just average people who like to share their opinions on politics, current affairs, and other important topics. Blogs that discuss these things often offer forums for individual conversations, as well as the ability to comment and communicate with other commenter’s. This is a great outlet for learning and sharing opinions.

When you ask yourself what is a blog, you have to consider there is a general concept but no set standard. Blogs can be many things, but, in general, they cover information, personal stories, and ideas in a public forum that anyone can access and read. Whether you want to read more blogs, or are considering starting your own blog this list of types of blogs is a great place to begin.

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