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Check out my XFINITY X1 and Home Experience! @ComcastBeltway #XFINITYMoms #ad

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I was able to explore XFINITY X1 and Home through a special event held by XFINITY. I received a gift bag for my time. All opinions are my own.

A few nights ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend a special blogger event with XFINITY. At this event we were able to not only network with other bloggers, but also to meet some XFINITY employees and learn about some amazing products and services. What a fantastic night and I am excited to share my experience and what I learned there.

XFINITY Experience

When we arrived we were greeted by an employee and some delicious food while we were given time to network with the others there. Then, we listened to a few XFINITY employees share and allow us to experience both X1 and the XFINITY Home.

XFINITY X1 Demo @ComcastBeltway #Ad

We first received a demonstration for the Comcast XFINITY X1 and I just want to start by saying that this was certainly an awesome demonstration. The gentleman guiding us through the features knew how to navigate and answered any questions we had. Some of my favorite features include the ability to not only favorite shows but also to favorite actors so that all of the shows and movies that they start in record on your DVR. Plus, there is a voice activated remote control where you can ask the XFINITY box to do something like find a movie, etc. You can even search by a quote that is in the movie! Then, you can see the details about that movie including a synopsis of the movie, who stars in it and even parental information so you can make an informed decision!


Above you can see the awesome Kids Zone that X1 offers – you can see recent shows and movies and also see suggestions for your kids. This is a safe place for your kids to go on TV and watch. I also love that there are some settings to allow you to make the shows play automatically instead of you having to always go hit play, etc. You can set a pin number so that the kids can only watch what they’re allowed to watch and is safe for them! X1 allows SO many different customization options for you and your family.

Parental Guide on X1 #XFINITYMoms

You can see the ratings for the movie above! It is so neat that this information is easily accessible at the touch of a button! You can then make a decision as to whether your kids should watch it or even if you want to watch it.

Another awesome feature are the APPS that XFINITY offers which allow you to not only watch your recorded shows and movies but also allows you to do things like check and listen to your home phone’s voicemail messages. I love that XFINITY is constantly making things better for us and implementing features that make our lives run smoother!

XFINITY Voicemail

The demo of X1 was so fun but then we moved over to listen to their new Home package and tried it out! The Home package is an add on to your current Comcast XFINITY package and allows you to do things such as record video anytime the door opens, turn on and off lights with the touch of a button, etc. You can do all of this ON your TV or other device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

XFINITY Home Demonstration

As it says in the picture above, there are a variety of options to allow you simple control at your fingertips. I was impressed with all of the options they offered in their package to not only include a programmable thermostat, but also protection for windows and doors as well as water sensors to detect flooding. I also love that the Home package allows you to set up alerts to go to your mobile phone. There are so many options that you can add onto this package and customize your home to be as smart as you need it to at your fingertips.

XFINITY Home Options

As you can see above, there are a lot of options for you – you can access cameras, lights, sensors, track activity and even arm and disarm your home. You can have the company place cameras at main access points like the front door. You can even have a keypad with different codes for different people who need access like dog walkers, kids, cleaning lady, etc. You can then track when that person uses that code to access your house and also limit the days and times that they’re able to gain access. You can also set up rules to turn on the video to record whenever the front door opens or track when your kids come home from school. If they’re late you can set up a rule to alert you after they’re to be home if they do not come through the door. How fun is it to control all of this and check your home’s safety while laying in bed??

XFINITY Home Partners

I think one of the coolest things with XFINITY Home is that they have some partners like Nest, August, etc. that are compatible with their services. They’re also adding partners all of the time so some of the devices in your home can actually connect to the XFINITY Home package. If you’re interested in switching to XFINITY home from your current security provider, they may be able to use existing cameras, sensors, panels and more. Just call them to come in and they’ll see what works best for your needs. Plus, add it on to your current XFINITY package and get a discount.

X1, XFINITY Apps and Home are amazing services and I had the honor of learning about and experiencing them a few days ago. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

#XFINITYMoms who attended the demo #XFINITY @ComcastBeltway

The group of ladies above were so fun to spend a few hours with. I not only saw some Moms that I had met before, but I met some new ones and developed my network. Before we headed out to home, we had some delicious snacks and a cupcake to take home!

Cupcakes at XFINITY Event #XFINITYMOMS @ComcastBeltway

It was hard to choose but I got the XFINITY cupcake!! We also were given a goodie bag full of XFINITY items and information! What an awesome experience. I cannot wait to keep learning about their services and seeing how I can plug them into my family’s life.

Food Display at the Comcast Event #XFINITYMoms @ComcastBeltway

Do you have Comcast XFINITY? If not, will you consider getting it because of the new features? Let me know in the comments below!!




Thank You For Sharing!!

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Janell Poulette

Saturday 4th of June 2016

That looks like a very informative event. The cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat!

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