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Are you a Mom-t0-Be or New Mom? Or maybe even someone looking for a perfect gift for the Mom-to-Be? This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide will feature products from the best baby brands out there in the form of reviews and sometimes giveaways. We are expecting our first little boy in October, 2014 so the search for great baby products is in full swing– those with great reviews are always at the forefront of our minds. Therefore, I plan to provide you with a review of some specific products from amazing baby brands.


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Our next Baby Gift Guide Feature is from Yoomi! I am excited to share this innovative product with you. In 60 seconds your baby has warm milk (formula or breast). 

Yoomi, the first self-warming baby bottle, is designed and assembled in London England. The Yoomi bottles do not contain BPA. These bottles use a very unique way of warming up, the warmer works in the same way as those gel hand warmer packs warm up when you click on a metal disc. The Yoomi Warmer has an orange button you press that has a phase change from liquid to solid inside the warmer which then creates instant warmth. The warmer has also been designed so that it is impossible for your baby’s milk to overheat.

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This N That with Olivia had the awesome opportunity to review the Yoomi 8oz. Feeding System! With our little boy due in October, I knew that this product would be helpful. I received the 8 oz feeding system which is a 3-in-1 feeding system; premium easi-latch bottle, travel warmer, and bedside warmer. The package included an 8 oz bottle (which has a slow flow nipple on it), a warmer, and a charging pod. To use you simply place the warmer in the charging pod, warm it in the microwave (each microwave is different, so you will have to adjust the time for yours) remove the warmer, push the button, place in the nipple, replace the cover and let the milk flow over the warmer and its ready in around 60-80 seconds– AWESOME!! Another great thing is that the warmer will warm the temperature of the milk up to the temperature of natural breast milk. We are excited to try out this feeding system with Liam when he arrives!

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Head on over here and you can purchase your own system for only $32.95! They also have a 5 oz feeding system for only $31.95. You can also purchase everything separate. Visit here to see everything they have for sale.

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Want the chance to win your own feeding system??? We will be giving one away coming this Fall!!

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